General Regulations

The international woodwind competition hülsta woodwinds
is open for flute, recorder, clarinet, saxophone,
oboe, and bassoon.

The competition is organized by the GWK and hülsta.
The Musikhochschule Münster / Music Conservatoire
Münster is partner of hülsta woodwinds. The general
management and the artistic direction of the competition
lies with the GWK.

hülsta woodwinds will be held from 30 April to 4 May 2008
at the Music Conservatoire Münster/Westfalia (Musikhochschule
Münster) in Germany. The competition rounds are open
for public viewing. The prizes will be awarded in a special
ceremony, including a public gala-concert of the
prize winners on 28 November 2008 in Münster.

The winners of hülsta woodwinds are expected to meet
international standards of musical maturity and public
performance. Judgement criteria are artistic personality,
musical interpretation and technical proficiency.

hülsta woodwinds is open to soloists of all nationalities
who at the time of the competition are no older than 27 years.
They must be enrolled in or have graduated from a music
conservatoire, or enjoy comparable private education.

The number of participants is limited. Upon evaluation
of all submitted materials, the competition management
will select the competitors. Applicants are not entitled
to acceptance; application does not guarantee a place in
the competition.

An international jury evaluates the competitors’ performances.
All decisions of the jury are final and incontestable.

The GWK and hülsta hold unlimited rights to use the names,
biographical data and photos of the participants for their
own purposes of public relations as long as these are
associated with the competition. The organizers of the
competition reserve the right to record each performance
of the competition and the prize-gala both acoustically
and optically. They furthermore hold the rights to present
or future, national and international media transmission
of these recordings for serving documentary or
public relations purposes associated with the competition.
The competitors have no claim to compensation.

By signing the application, the applicant confirms his/her
acceptance of the general regulations of the competition
as well as of the presentation of prizes. Only the German
text of the general regulations is valid. The English version
is for convenience purposes only.

In case of an accident involving the applicant, in case
of any losses or material damage to an applicant’s
instrument and/or personal belongings, the competition
organizers are not liable.

There is no right of appeal.