Competition Procedure

From 30 April to 4 May 2008 the first hülsta woodwinds
International Woodwind Competition will be held at:

Musikhochschule Münster
Ludgeriplatz 1
48143 Münster/ Westfalia

Each competitor must register personally at the competition
office in the conservatoire on 30 April 2008
between 2 and 5 p.m. Late registration may lead
to the candidate’s disqualification from the competition.
The competition authorities retain the right to reject
any application which does not conform in its entirety
to the competition regulations.

On registration, the participants are informed about
the order in which competitors are to perform and
about their rehearsal times.

Each applicant brings his/her own piano- or harpsichord-
accompanist at his/her own expense. Or the applicant
may choose to use an accompanist provided by the competition
at no cost.

Applicants are responsible for their board and lodging
and for their own travel arrangements to and from the
competition. If desired and available, the organizers
provide free lodging in a host family.

The competition consists of three rounds (first round,
second round, finale). All rounds are open to the public.
The jury may interrupt an applicant’s performance or order
the applicant to perform only a portion of the piece.

In each round, the competition programme consists
of compulsory pieces and works of free choice. The pieces
of the finale are to be played from memory.

Please, refer to the application form for your competition

Application deadline: 28 January 2008