Supporting the Best

Organized by hülsta and GWK (Society for the Fostering
of Cultural Activities in Westfalia), the international woodwind
competition hülsta woodwinds aims at supporting highly gifted
young woodwind players.

In this competition, we look for more than technical perfection,
which to us is a matter of course. In a globalized hightech-world,
which destroys individuality to the same extent as it pretends it
to be venal in products of mass consumption, we again focus
on the artistic personality.

We are looking forward to laureates who convince by both
virtuosity and genuineness, by an extraordinarily deep musical
understanding as well as by the authenticity of their performance.
We are looking for characters who will spellbind the connoisseur
and even the expert, who will bewitch the amateur and enthrall
the enthusiast, and who will also captivate the layman,
making him and her a true long-term listener to music.

We very much thank the Music Conservatoire Münster,
a reliable partner of the GWK for many years, for collaborating
with us in the first international hülsta woodwinds-competition.